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  • Commander Crang

    Commander Crang has an eyepatch, chews on a cigar and is generally cranky. He hates paperwork and would much rather simply send criminals (and suspected criminals) to work down in the Zephyrus Fireworks.

  • Molric

    Molric is the supervisor of the Zephryus Fireworks, responsible for finding steel and iron ore from the extensive caverns beneath the city. He's surly and racist, but a good source of work for beginning adventurers. Molric is friends with Commander …

  • Steven Urd

    Steven Urd is the owner and shopkeeper of "Knives and More!," a general goods shop in the lower-island district of Zephyrus. He's friendly and believes in the honor system. In some kobold tribes in the Western Wilds it is customary for tribe …

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