Steven Urd

Owner and shopkeeper of 'Knives and More!' in Zephyrus.


Steven Urd is the owner and shopkeeper of “Knives and More!,” a general goods shop in the lower-island district of Zephyrus. He’s friendly and believes in the honor system.

In some kobold tribes in the Western Wilds it is customary for tribe chieftains to take the surname “Urd,” a symbolic gesture indicating their closeness to the kobold deity Hank Urd. It is unknown if Steven has done this, if he is descended from one of the Urds of the Western Wilds, or if his surname is merely a coincidence.

Elron Hubbard stole a bow and a quiver of arrows from the basement of Steven’s shop, leaving a handful of gold coins in their place.

Steven Urd

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