Golkin Golkins Jr

A wealthy young goblin, whose death led to the discovery of Thrik-Thrak's cult beneath Spices N' Things.


Golkin Golkins Jr. was the son of Golkin Golkins, founder and proprietor of Spices N’ Things, one of Zephyrus’s most successful private businesses. After the senior Golkin’s death (of natural causes, to be sure), Golkin Jr. inherited his father’s store. Golkin Jr. promptly sold the store to a traveling Vistani, in exchange for a modest sum of gold and promise of good fortune throughout his life.

Golkin Jr. celebrated by treating his goblinoid comrades to a night out on the town on the Night of Goblin Sunders, a city-wide holiday known for goblin revelry that has, from time to time, led to goblin-on-human violence. Unfortunately for Golkin, the gypsy’s prophecy proved untrue, and he was killed after picking a fight with a group of adventurers in a bar called the Goblin’s Broken Tooth. Golkin was killed by the eladrin paladin Muriel Larkspur and the elven avenger Jim.

Golkin Golkins Jr

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