an old god of Garrinham, long since exiled to the Outer Planes.


Thrik-Thrak is a locust-like god of the elder days of Garrinham. Known as the “King Who Crawls,” he once had a corporeal form that lived in the dank underground caverns beneath what is now Zephryus.

It is said that Edrick himself destroyed Thrik-Thrak’s physical form, banishing his spirit to the Outer Planes. Thrik-Thrak is one of many animalistic old gods that have long since fallen out of favor.

But like many of the old gods, from time to time someone will stumble upon an old temple or altar devoted to Thrik-Thrak and attempt to bring them back to the material plane, usually with destructive consequences.

Most recently, a group of adventurers broke up a fledgling cult of Thrik-Thrak when their mage, Spellman Von Cantos, put nearly the entire cult to sleep. Spellman’s companions then made short work of their sleeping foes. The eladrin paladin Muriel slew the vessel meant to house Thrik-Thrak’s soul by literally crushing the grub under thumb.


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