01 - The Night of Goblin Sunders

A trio of adventurers met for a drink at a bar in Zephryus called The Goblin’s Crooked Tooth:

Durkle the Fuckinator, a gnomish bard. Elron Hubbard, an elven cleric of . Jim, and elven avenger of the Raven Queen.

Durkle attempted to recruit Elron and Jim into a conspiracy to murder his step-mother [[:Janet the F*ckinator|Janet]], but the pair seemed unwilling to assist.

A group of goblins and hobgoblins, drunkenly and rowdily celebrating the Night of Goblin Sunders, stormed into the tavern and attack the mostly-human crowd. Teaming with the other taverngoers and the barkeep, Durkle, Elron and Jim did battle with the goblins. The goblins were led by [[:Golkin Golkins Jr]], a wealthy young goblin well-known in Zephyrus.

The sounds of combat attracted the attention of another adventurer:

Muriel Larkspur, an eladrin paladin.

She joined the battle on the side of Durkle, Elron and Jim, and the paladin and the avenger soon had the best of Gorkin. Muriel and Jim heard the goblin’s last, whispered words: “The gypsy was wrong…”

Searching Gorkins’s body, the group discovered a note, written in goblin and illegible to them.

Hearing the sounds of battle outside the tavern – the Night of Goblin Sunders often erupts in violence in the city’s lower quarters – the group of four went through the Crooked Tooth’s back alley exit to investigate.

What they found was a bizarre sight—a troll strapped to a heavy cart, loaded down with casks and dragging it down the street. Atop the cart stood two hobgoblins, lighting wicks on the casks and handing them to the troll, who then threw them at buildings and passers-by, resulting in a fiery explosion.

Muriel immediately fey-stepped to the far side of the troll, engaging it in direct combat. This foolhardy maneuver almost cost her her life, but soon enough Jim was able to pierce one of the wagon’s casks with an arrow—setting the troll alight. A short but intense battle followed, resulting in the death of the troll and one of the hobgoblins. The second hobgoblin escaped into the night.

Meanwhile, Elron had sought cover in a general goods shop run by the kobold [[:Steven Urd]]. Steven agreed to allow Elron passage through his basement, and out the back entrance, on Elron’s promise not to steal anything. Elron promptly stole a bow and a quiver of arrows, leaving a handful of gold in the basement in return.

Elron emerged from the basement of Knives and More! to find the battle wrapping up, with the troll dying in flames and Muriel dispatching the remaining hobgoblin. The sounds of drunken goblin violence echoed through the city, but there was no sign of immediate danger to the group. They turned their attention to the note they had discovered on Gorkins.



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