From the bones of a shattered kingdom, new heroes will rise…

A Short History of the Land…

Garrinham is was once a unified kingdom stretching east to west from the Trident Sea to the edges of the Fey Forest, and from north to south from the peaks of the Goliaths’ Teeth to the depths of the Southern Sea. Unified by the god-king, Edrick Half-Ogre, Garrinham became a shining beacon of hope and civility following an age of dark magic and devilry.

Though Edrick lived a long life, even for a half-ogre, he eventually passed on to the Outer Planes and left his kingdom in the hands of the Seven Goblin Kings. Squabbling and infighting amongst the seven almost destroyed Garrinham, but it was the arrival of the Illithid that truly shattered this once great kingdom.

The Illithid, also called mind-flayers, arrived all over Garrinham, their bizarre craft crashing from the skies. They were refugees from some outer place, fleeing from a long-fought war against their blood foes, the gith. Though they had lost that war, they brought with them powers unseen on Garrinham—psionic abilities that allowed them to rip their foes apart, from the inside out. Those they did not destroy, they enslaved with their mind-warping talents. The Seven Goblin Kings banded together once more, as they had when they served as Edrick’s generals. Though it was enough to defeat the illithid, the kingdom had been irrevocably shattered. Never again would Garrinham be united under one crown.

A Shattered Land…

Today, 1500 years after the end of the Illithid War, Garrinham can be thought of as five different regions…

The Goblin Steppes

To the northeast of the continent, this is the heart of Edrick’s old kingdom. The god-king himself was born and began his adventuring career on these wind-swept plains. Today, warring clans and city-states of many races and tribes dot the steppes, from the goblinoid races of the lower steppes (goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls, bugbears) to the giant-kin of the northern mountains (trolls, ogres, goliath).

Tribes and clans such as the Wordbearers (mostly goblins and hobgoblins), the Emerald Claw (mercenary remnants of a gnollish warband), and the Ghost Talkers (bugbear shamans devoted to peace and nature-worship) vie for the true legacy of Edrick Half-Ogre. Every goblinoid warlord with a few victories under his belt declares himself the next true Emperor of Garrinham, but in the nearly 2000 years since Edrick’s golden age, none have proven strong enough, or charismatic enough, to unite the land.

Zephyrus, Edrick’s capital city, lies in the southernmost area of the goblin steppes, and though its lord-mayor is often goblinoid, it is the most cosmopolitan city to be found in Garrinham today.

The Wasted Archipelago

To the southeast of Zephyrus lies a series of interconnected islands that are truly the harshest and most dangerous lands to be found in Garrinham. Home to lizardfolk and the insectoid thri-kreen, even during Edrick’s time their place among the civilized lands of Garrinham was tenuous at best. The landscape changes dramatically and almost inexplicably from swampland to desert, and there have long been rumors of a massive elder god, resting and waiting beneath the waves, being the cause for its strange landscape.

The thri-keen live in large hive colonies, and though difficult to communicate with, they are always interested in newcomers. Unfortunately, this interest sometimes manifests in the form of their appetites. The lizardfolk, and their sometimes-companions, the frog-like bullywugs, are best avoided. When they’re not engaged in a savage war with a neighboring tribe, they have likely become enthralled by some otherworldly force or demigod. Luckily for the civilized races of Garrinham, their attention spans tend to be short.

The Human Kingdoms of the South

To the southwest of Zephyrus are perhaps the most civilized areas of Garrinham, though they are just as dangerous, in their own way, as the goblin steppes or the wasted archipelagos. There are seven human kingdoms, ruled over by 12 nobles houses that wax and wane in power and sovereignty.

The Western Wild

wizardly towers, abandoned fortresses, outlaw gangs, small towns and hamlets.

The Fey Forest

who knows? those elves are crazy, yo.

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